At the end of last year I heard about blockchain and its revolution in the technological area, I heard about bitcoin, etherium, Ada … so I saw a great opportunity to invest in an area that is growing exponentially with each passing day. continuously to understand how it all works, the WHALE project really made me see how much this technology can help many people, I think that many hands make light work, so develop a strong community all win.

My journey before entering the Whale community was investing in the cryptocurrency market, always watching new projects studying blockchain, participating in groups and projects, when I heard about blockchain games I was fascinated because it was the way to have fun and still earning a little money, playing a game for yourself is already a lot of fun now being able to win while playing is even more fun, so I got to know the game League of Kingdons that you have the possibility to have a land on your own and this land is unique to play , cultivate, assemble allianca and receive dividends, I thought to myself how incredible is that possible? there it was the first time i heard about non-fungible tokens, joining the alliance of GHUB in the discord i got to know the whale community, then everything got better, so i tried to know why there was such a wonderful community, i read the articles Whaleshark then my eyes shone, I don’t know who he is but his words will fit like a glove in my heart.

Sometimes I think that the few people who can really see things beyond themselves, some men extend their vision to themselves, others extend their vision to the family as well, and a few men have a vision that encompasses humanity, I see WhaleShark as one of those, and as I share the same vision, while reading your articles I noticed in your words a desire to really help change the life of anyone who is willing to do so. In this universe of cryptocurrencies, if you really want to enter it, you must have the will and determination to study, analyze and open your mind to the new opportunities that arise, if you are not open to it, it will be very difficult to take advantage of these wonderful opportunities that comes up all the time. The WHALE community is there to help everyone who wants to learn and participate in this technological revolution called blockchain, when I discovered that there was a community that distributed airdrops, that had several ways to be able to actively participate in events like games, lives, competitions as it is fun to participate in live music and interact with the chat, lots of gifs in the chat “GOGOGO SHOOOOOO”, participating in WHALE Poker on Sunday morning is really cool I never imagined playing poker, another very fun game I met through the community, the lives of art are sensational too,
the whole program is spectacular, so I decided to become a dolphin, the WHALE structure is very interesting you start out as a dolphin and if you have patience you become a whale, this structure in itself already educates and helps people to learn to invest to save their money then they will have a reward for that, i feel in a great school very fun and profitable, after i met and read the WHALE articles i realized that whaleshark is a very intelligent man we have a lot to learn from him, i am loving being a dolphin I already have in mind the acquisition of a whale, it has been a little over a month since I have been participating in the community and I already feel really like a family, I am very grateful to be part of this wonderful family. WHALE FAM.

I had never known a community as united and generous as the WHALE community, I have many plans in my life, but the main one is to be able to dedicate myself to teaching and helping people how to live a decent life with principles, help to develop wisdom and how they can generate true happiness and free themselves from suffering.

Well, so that I can really dedicate myself to carrying out these plans, I need money to keep my family and time to dedicate to improving more, so I can do my best in this mission.
Through your example and with the opportunities that the WHALE community is making available I see my financial freedom getting closer and closer, enabling me as well as waleshark to help people on an unlimited scale.